Institutional Distinctiveness

Institution appreciates the start-up programmes declared by the Government of India taking initiative towards Green Revolution. The institution is committed to take eco-friendly initiatives through various activities and programmes. To support the mission of save the environment, the institution has determined to plant and nurture the trees through plantation drive. For the same sake the institution adopted the land of Boys Hostel, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur for five years. 20 full grown fruit trees like Mango, Chikoo, Guava, Medicinal Trees like Neem and Banyan were planted on the adopted land.

It was decided that audit of the planted trees on the adopted land will be done by the institution annually. The initiative of the institution was supported and appreciated by Honourable Vice Chancellor, RTM Nagpur University, Dr. S. V. Kane and Registrar, RTM Nagpur University, Dr. Neeraj Khati. Through such activities the institution aims to inculcate values like social responsibility and protect the nature among the students. The activity was carried out by 30 NSS Volunteers with determination of looking after the planted trees. Students’ involvement in the activity is of prime significance.

Under taking plantation drive in vicinity is regularly done by the institution but the initiative to adopt the land for plantation for five years in collaboration with RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur proves Institution’s Distinctiveness which demonstrates institution’s commitment towards environmental awareness and responsibility

In keeping with the vision and mission of the institution the department of sports noticed he skills among the girl students. The students of the institution belong to economically weak section of the society but they were very determined and strong which is required in sports. Sports participation provides incentive marks to the students in the university examination and reservation in jobs too. The parents of the students were reluctant to send their daughter for practice but they were convinced the girls take admission in the college because of its distinctiveness in the sports field.

In the institution, the students are provided coaching to play hockey. The distinctive feature of the college Girls Hockey team that this expensive game is supported by the institution by providing activities like concession in fees, kit, travelling allowances (during the tournaments) to the sports persons. In the session 2018-19 the college hockey team comprised 20 students.

The students were provided regular coaching for Hockey by Dr. Yagya Singh and alumni of the institution Ms. Reena Samundre. Special Coaching Camps were organized during the summer and winter vacation.