Courses We Offer

Rajkumar Kewalramani Kanya Mahavidyalaya is affiliated to RTM Nagpur University. Therefore the programme options are as per the University Norms.

The following range of programmes/subjects is available.

B. A. Semester Pattern (C.B.C.S.)

Compulsory Languages

  • English
  • Hindi

Optional Subjects

  1. Home-Economics
  2. Sociology
  3. Hindi Literature
  4. Fashion Designing
  5. English Literature
  6. Political Science
  7. Economics


M.A. Semester Pattern (C.B.C.S.)

  1. Hindi – Part I & II
  2. English – Part I & II
  3. Home – Economics– Part I & II
  4. Sociology – Part I & II


Distance Education

The college runs Distance Education Course in B.A. , B.Com. affiliated to Yashwantrao Chavhan Mukt Vidyapeeth, Nasik, Maharashtra.


Programme Outcome and Programme Specific Outcomes

Sr. No. Programme Outcome Programme Specific Outcomes
1 B.A. Po 1 – Offering knowledge in humanities and social sciences
Po 2 – Imbibing Values
Po 3 – Social Awareness
Po 4 – Gromming House Queens
Po 5 – Environmental Awareness
Po 6 – Life Skills
1. Effective Communication
2. Sharpening students’ social analytical skills
3. Training graduates who are able to teach, do research, handle social responsibilities
4. Skill development
5. Providing career opportunities in social sector
6. Skill development
7. Developing career in media
8. Enhancing learning skills
2 M.A. Hindi Po 1 – Understanding human psyche
Po 2 – Understanding society
Po 3 – Study of origin and development of Hindi as a Language
Po 4 – Study of history of National Literature
Po 5 – Understanding current society and literature
1. Strengthning Mothertongue
2. Understanding literary values
3. Study of Indian Culture
4. Effective communication
5. Literary Values
6. Sharpening Sensitivity
7. Improve competency
3 M.A. English Po 1 – Understanding human psyche
Po 2 – Understanding holistic value of literature
Po 3 – Study of origin and development of English Language
Po 4 – Study of history of English Literature
Po 5 – Understanding current society and literature
1. Understanding Literary Values
2. Origin of language and literature
3. Society and literature
4. Indian Writing in English
5. Social Reform and Literature
6. Literature and Human Psychology
4 M.A. Sociology Po 1 – Understanding need of society
Po 2 – Study the foundations of human society
Po 3 – Understanding duties and rights of human beings
Po 4 – Study the current social trends
1. Origin of human society
2. Building up of good citizenship
3. Understanding social and national values
4. Understanding Social issues
5. Understanding Social thoughts and theories
6. Study of different societies understand
5 M.A. Home Economics Po 1 – Concept of Home
Po 2 – Family as foundation of society
Po 3 – Child Development
Po 4 – Consumer Economics
Po 5 – Interiar Decoration
1. Develop interest in Home-Economics
2. Bring awareness regarding balanced diet
and Nutrition
3. Boosting towards entrepreneurship
4. Child Development and Child psychology
5. Consumer Economics and Market strategies
6. Home Interiar and Decoration
7. House queens and skill development
8. Time Management



Admission Procedure – Documents Required

 Following documents must be brought by the student at the time of admission

  • Mark list of last Examination Passed

  • Leaving certificate

  • Eligibility/Migration Certificate

  • Character Certificate

A Student admitted in the college has to pay the fees and other dues for the entire academic session even if she leave the college in the  middle of the session.

The original Transfer certificate will not be returned in any case after admission.

The Principal has the power to refuse /cancel admission once granted, if a student is found guilty of gross misconducted or misbehavior or any act of indiscipline , or is found guilty of using unfair means in the college examination for which disciplinary action has been taken against her participation in any agitation.

Instruction to Students

  1. Information furnished in the admission form must be correct. Admission is liable to be cancelled if any information is found to be incorrect and false.

  2. Students must PRESERVE THE RECEIPTS of fees and other deposits with them.

  3. Students must carry with them the Identity Card while in the premises of the College. They shall produce the same whenever demanded by the College Authorities.

  4. It is mandatory on every student to abide by the instruction issued both in general as well as in special cases by the Principal and the members of the staff.

  5. Students must remain present in their respective classes at the prescribed timings.

  6. A students suffering from an infectious or contagious diseases shall not attend the college unless he is medically fit.

  7. While getting the books issued from library, the Identity card shall have to be produced at the counter.

  8. Students of all classes will participate in the function organized by the college.

  9. Any change in the permanent as well as local address of a student must be brought to the noticed of the college forthwith. It is not possible for the office to implement any change in address after 31st March .

  10. The library books must be handled properly and returned on the dates prescribed to avoid fine.

  11. Students will have to undergo a physical efficiency test medical examination compulsorily,failing which the fine will be charged for each test