About Us


  • To impart Education to the girls and women
  • Upliftment of the lower strata of the society
  • To provide Value Based Education
  • To design the activities for Self Employment


The founders of the college have dedicated themselves to spread the light of knowledge and instilling humanitarian values in the students. Since its inception, the college has believed in the overall development of the students into responsible citizens of the nation.

Core Values of the Institution

1. Discipline
2. Self Dependency
3. Good Learner
4. Accuracy
5. Achievement
6. Accountability
7. Acceptability
8. Co-ordination

1. To Stimulate student friendly environment for teaching learning
2. To establish connection between learner and world of knowledge
3. To inculcate good qualities amongst the student teacher for all round development of their personality through implementation of curriculum successfully
4. To enhance self learning and development of capabilities in girl students
5. To develop confidence in girl students
6. To improve teaching quality notably through the introduction of teaching learning process
7. To produce excellent good character and cultural values in girl students
8. To meet the emerging needs of information era


A centre for excellence, the college offers professional courses like Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and Fashion Designing. At Rajkumar Kewalramani Kanya Mahavidyalaya, the belief resides in the holistic vision that never discards the past but simultaneously accepts future with confidence in the likelihood to shape it and gain its potentialities.

Established by the Sindhi Navyuvak Mandal, Nagpur in 1972, the college started with a meagre 50 students in its first year and has kept pace with the changing world first-generation students hailed from marginalized Sindhi backgrounds. The college had a humble beginning with a lacklustre infrastructure devoid of laboratories, facilities and libraries. The aim of the institution since its first day has been to provide an access to higher quality of education to women and reconcile excellence with humanity and rewrite scripts of success.

The first generation students hailed from marginalized Sindhi families. The college refurbished itself in 2007 with the appointment of Dr. Urmila Dabir as Principal. Under her vigilance, the college has grown exponentially in terms of infrastructure with the establishment of a well-updated library, sports facilities, separate college wings etc.

The college assesses the power of knowledge and thereby believes in enlightening the students, making them confident and stable to foray into the changing world without discounting the values of humanity instilled during their education.



Dr. Urmila Dabir

Principal – Rajkumar Kelwalramani Kanya Mahavidyalaya

The institution has carved a place for itself in the Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University despite having a humble beginning with a small number of girl students. The college has been performing well in academics over the years and actively achieving laurels in sports. The stakeholders of the institution play a decisive role and are vigilant to scrutinise the smallest activities. The college inculcates values in students thereby fostering cultural growth and design programmes and career options with ICT enabled teaching-learning for women. The college’s performance is a sheer reflection of the hard work and efforts invested by the management and faculty.

Mr. Vijaykumar Kewalramani

Founder Secretary

The Sindhi community is a traditional community with a closed attitude towards the education of girls. In spite of very meagre resources, Sindhu Navyuvak Mandal started the senior college in 1997.
Initially, the college could provide only 03 optional subjects and 01 Programme i. e. B. A. (Bachelor of Arts). It is important to mention here that the economic condition of the students coming from this community was so poor that they could only opt for such courses. In 2007 to cater to the employment needs of the students, self-financing subjects such as Fashion Designing, Economics, Political Science and English Literature were introduced. In spite of its 14 years of establishment, the institution caters to students from socially and economically deprived strata of the society. The institution aims to achieve the goal of empowerment of the women. It is committed to making the women self-reliant and self-confident.